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"Except the baby. Don’t do that to a little baby. That’s mean."
Joss “The Boss” Whedon taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Some of my favorites

Your muse is drunk and under my muse’s care; what sort of trouble does your drunken muse give mine?



this dog is part husky part lab

the split is straight down the middle, quite literally


LOOK AT THIS!!! It looks like two different dogs! She literally got looks from both sides of her parents! JUST IMAGINE HOW HAPPY THEY MUST BE!!!!!

Name a type of crime, and my Muse/s will reveal if they have done it.

What’s a day without Arson, Murder and Jaywalking?

One day my muse comes home, all bloodied up and crying their eyes out, how does yours react?

Bela Lugosi in Dracula (1931)

I took comfort that the girl he described couldn’t possibly exist…


Once you’ve been tagged list 6 things you and your muse have in common and 6 things you don’t. Then pass this along to some other people.  

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Muse: Raphael

6 Similarities between Mun and Muse? 

  • We both like weapons
  • And we take friendship very seriously
  • Kinda obsessed with art
  • We’re two (sassy) pranksters
  • Love rarely but deeply
  • (not so) deep down we’re a mess 

6 Differences between Mun and Muse?

  • I’m not 716 years old, obviously
  • Technically I’m not nocturnal (or at least I’m not designed to)
  • I’m pretty sure I’m not dead
  • I don’t drink blood
  • I don’t live in America.
  • As a human I don’t turn to ashes if exposed to sunlight (I just get sunburnt every time I go out).  
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Ghosts talking to us all the time — but we think their voices are our own thoughts.
—David Foster Wallace (via feellng)
"Come on, kiddo. Time to wake up" Raphael yawned as she got up from the cot and stretched lazily.





Kanika mumbled something, still half asleep, and turned on the other side. She was still sleepy, the bed was warm, and she felt no need to get up anytime soon.

"Come on Rick… I have way more important things to do than kick your teeth down your throat" The vampire said, tapping her foot on the ground. "I want cash. You pay up now and I bring you the stuff you need" The man said, carefully putting the weapon down. "That’s really not how it’s gonna work. You give me the stuff I’m here to pay for, I give you the money and then we can all go back to our fucking business. This or I tell the sewers demons who stole their eggs" Raphael evilly smiled. "Damn vamps, always lurking. One day you’re gonna pay for all of it, traitor" She laughed. "We’re calling names now? Hear this, tell me if you like it. Pray that I’ll never decide to take you out, fucker. Because if I do you’re gonna have a very, very bad day. Now go. Get. My. Stuff”

While the man was inside the shop, Raphael looked over at Kanika. She smiled widely towards her and then focused again on what was in front of her. As Rick came back with several big boxes, the vampire took a paper bag out of her leather coat. “You see? We can get along just fine” She said, waiting for the man to put the boxes down. “Here’s what you asked for. Now give me the cash” Raphael threw the paper bag over the man’s head and into the shop. “Fetch” She winked. “The rest you’ll get tomorrow after I test the products. If I get dusted you know who to call to have your money. See ya” She chuckled as she saw the man rush inside the store to get his money. 

"Hey, kiddo, mind helping me out with this?" She shouted towards the young slayer, her grin still firmly in place

Well, that took a whilst. Soon, Kanika found herself being bored and she slowly started to hope for some idiotic vampire to try and jump on her, try to steal the bike. However, nothing happened, and all she could see was Raphael still arguing with a guy in the shop and hear a few distant words that would reach her here and there, but not enough to figure where exactly was the problem. However, from Raphael’s voice, Kanika knew that the man was either stubborn or stupid or evil, considering how pissed off her vampire friend sounded.

When Raphael smiled at her, Kanika smiled back and waved, hoping that she will return soon. Having finished smoking her cigarette, she threw the butt on the ground and stepped on it with her heel.

˝Nah, sure, no problem. It was about bloody time that you came back… What the hell was the problem? Was he reluctant to sell you stuff because you’re a vamp or what?˝ Kanika asked as she approached thee vampire and helped her pick up a few loaded boxes, heavy with what Kanika assumed was armour of som sort. ˝Are these all weapons…? Bloody hell, Raph, are we trying to take out a whole army or what? This is fuckin’ insane…˝ And heavy.

“That scumbag was trying to be a tough guy, that’s all. Though I did beat him a lot since I first started dealing with him so… He had a good reason to welcome me with a crossbow” She chuckled. “And these are custom weapons. Let me see…” Raphael said as she opened a box. “Here it is, bullets filled with silver. And somewhere in there should be a gun that goes with them. In one of the boxes there’s a tactical backpack too. Mmh… Doesn’t it feel just like Christmas?” She winked. “Take what you need but make it fast, okay? We don’t have much time”